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Our Mission

bckstry supports and mentors creatives, so they can develop a career in their art.

Started in 2015 as a grassroots effort, bckstry (backstory) is focused on supporting young creatives in the Lafayette, LA and Acadiana region through mentorship, job training and opportunities, We have grown into the community voice for all modern artists.

We are the premiere organization for Modern Artists. Our group is made up of Filmmakers, Musicians, Graffiti Artists, Graphic Designers, Dancers, Game Developers and YouTube Content Creators.

Our unique mentorship and job training program has successfully trained over 30 community members who have gone on to get jobs in their respective industries.

bckstry.org is here to train the next generation of creatives while supporting our modern artists in order to develop a sustainable arts community. If you’re looking for a creative professional group, come join us and let us help you get to where you want to be.

We believe that a strong community support of the arts is one of the key elements to a city’s growth. A dedication and continued support for independent artists will attract new people to our city, give current people an incentive to stay and become a beacon of the arts for our region.

Creatives We’ve Launched

Our History

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    MARCH 2015

    Founded in 2015 by Writer/Director Ahmed Siddiqui, who was Inspired by the words of Mark Duplass’‘ (Togetherness, Jeff Who Lives At Home, The League)  2015 SXSW Keynote address where he urged filmmakers “there’s no excuse not to make films on weekends with friends.” This idea is what drove the creation of bckstry.

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    APRIL 2016

    The organization grew quickly as the it became the voice for a group of creatives that were unrepresented in Lafayette and surrounding areas. We decided to pivot our membership to now include Musicians, Digital Artists, YouTube Content Creators, Designers, Game Developers, as well as Filmmakers.

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    AUGUST 2016

    bckstry took 3 of Acadiana’s Screenwriter’s to Los Angeles through their LA to L.A. Script Competition, to meet with Agents and Managers.

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    OCTOBER 2016

    bckstry.org’s inaugural Mentorship Production, BIXBY, was Officially Selected for The New Orleans Film Fest (an Oscar qualifying Film Festival.)

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    JANUARY 2017

    bckstry.org awarded 2 Acadiana Film Makers a $2000 Film Grant and production equipment to help make their short film.

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    Over 50 Mentorship Program participants who have received job training and education, have gone on to work on projects ranging from big Hollywood productions to local commercials.

Meet our awesome Board.

We’re a group of dedicated creatives, who want to help artists create amazing work, connect with other professionals, and develop their career.

Ahmed Siddiqui


Adam Hensgens


Kody Chamberlain


Desi Comeaux


Chasah West


David Comeaux


Charlise West


Doug Domingues

Production Programs

Key Supporting Members

Rachel Whittle


Kate Rogers


Michelle Accurso


Community Partners

We are proudly partnered with the following companies. bckstry is eternally grateful for their generosity and the opportunity to keep our organization running.