BIXBY is Officially Selected for New Orleans Film Fest

In a small country town, an abused teenager, Bixby, picks up a bat and becomes a vigilante-for-hire to help save his mother. He recruits his best friend, Ronald, a slick 10 year old, to help facilitate contracts.

Business is booming when a haggard old man approaches the duo with a promising new contract. As Bixby dives deeper into this new world, his troubles at home are about to become very, very messy.

“Bixby” is a short film about an abused teenager on probation who becomes an enforcer and vigilante to protect his mother.

12096585_1152027854825936_3176933806982473271_nIt stars Alex Biglane as the titular character, along with Ted Ferguson and Kylan Williams. Written & Directed by Ahmed Siddiqui, a Pakistani-American filmmaker, and Produced by Sam Holdren & Rachel Whittle. “Bixby” will make it’s world premiere at New Orleans Film Fest (Oct. 12- 20, 2016.)

It was the first project made possible though the bckstry Mentorship Program. A unique opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to work side-by-side in a hands on environment where they shadow and industry professional to receive guidance and job training.

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