The Mountain Between Us Review By Cameron Metrejean


Alex Martin and Dr. Ben Bass become last minute passengers on a small plane when both are desperate to get to their location after a storm cancel’s their flight. But when their pilot suffers a fatal attack their tiny plane crashes into the snowy mountain wilderness where they have only each other to depend on. Arguments break out, pasts are … Read More

Home Again by Cameron Metrejean

Reece Witherspoon plays Alice, a mother of two entering 40 who decides to let three young aspiring filmmakers stay in her guest house. The guys turn out to be a surprisingly good fit for her and her daughters. She ends up pretty close with one of them leading to some bedroom action though afterwards neither one knows what to call … Read More

Sing Movie Review by Cameron Metrejean

In trying to keep his aged Theater afloat, koala Buster Moon, announces a singing competition drawing the attention of a handful eager participants that each has something to prove with this competition. But when the prize money amount gets miscommunicated and each participants personal problems begin to weigh in on the show, they’ll all have to bring the house down … Read More

Cameron Metrejean Reviews Wind River

Critic Cameron Metrejean reviews the film Wind River starring Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner.This project is supported by We support, develop, & help create Lafayette artists.

When the body of a dead girl is found in the snowy Wyoming Native American reservation, out of town FBI agent, Jane Banner (Elizabeth Olsen) teams up with the town’s veteran game tracker, Cory Lambert (Jeremy Renner) to investigate the murder. If there’s one thing to take away from this films it’s its realism. Much like last year’s Manchester by … Read More

The Emoji Movie Review by Cameron Metrejean backstory lafayette arts community cameron metrejean reviews the emoji movie

Inside teenager, Alex’s, phone lives a whole computerized world where a messenger app is home to hundreds of Emoji’s. Gene is a “Meh Face” emoticon who finally gets his chance to be used in the phone, but he doesn’t quite fit the bill since, unlike everyone else, he has a great range of emotions. He is now in danger of … Read More

Kidnap Review by Cameron Metrejean backstory lafayette arts community cameron metrejean reviews kidnap

Halle Berry plays Karla, a divorced mother currently in a custody battle over her 6-year-old son, Frankie, but while at a fair in the park her son is abducted leading her on one wild ride to another to find him. Unsurprisingly, when I saw the trailer, it got me thinking about The Call, an underrated high-concept thriller from 2013 that … Read More

Cars 3 Review by Cameron Metrejean


Racecar legend, Lightning McQueen, is beginning to get some real competition from newer younger rookies while his fellow veterans are either being dropped by their sponsors or retiring to save face. With a new owner as Lightning’s sponsor he is assigned a trainer, Cruise Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo), to prepare for his big race in 2 weeks that will either keep … Read More

Lou Review by Cameron Metrejean


But what do ya know? Much like Cars 3, this short springs a surprising amount of heart out of nowhere that manages to be rather touching. Might even teach some kids a valuable lesson. Cameron Metrejean is a local actor, film critic, writer and jack of all trades. You will find him around town in front of the lens and … Read More

47 Meters Down Review by Cameron Metrejean

47 Meters Down Review by Cameron Metrejean -

Two sisters, Lisa and Kate, on vacation in Mexico decide to go cage-diving but when the wench breaks and they are dropped to the ocean floor in shark infested water the pressure is on to get back to the surface before their air runs out. Share this Post On top of that, The Shallows benefited from a very strong and … Read More

It Comes At Night Review by Cameron Metrejean

it comes at night review by cameron metrejean by

Ever since The Blair Witch Project there’s always been admiration and sometimes even a push for horror films that show little or at least don’t feel the need to explain everything. But it has proven a polarizing practice as it tends to generate praise from critics and annoyance from a general audience. It Comes at Night appears to be another … Read More