Conversations with Leaders – Stephen Bartley, CEO of Bartley & Co Financial

Conversations with Leaders - Stephen Bartley, CEO of Bartley & Co Financial

Episode 11 – Stephen Bartley

CEO of Bartley & Co Financial

In this episode Skyra talks with Stephen Bartley who shares an experience he had when he was young. Someone in his hometown made the decision to create opportunities for teens to provide services in his community like cutting the grass for elderly people, painting park benches and picking up litter. This lesson, the importance of giving back to your community, left a mark on Stephen.

All through college and into his professional career he remembered what it felt like to do good things for others. So when local leaders saw great potential in him early in his career, he decided to rise to the challenge seize an opportunity. Stephen is a founding member of the 100 Black Men of Greater Lafayette. He talks about his experience of being mentored through the process of presenting the case to open a chapter of 100 Black Men in our community to the national organization, and succeeding.

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