Conversations with Leaders: Ruben Henderson, Asst. Director of Student Engagement at UL Lafayette

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Episode 15 – Ruben Henderson

Asst. Director of Student Engagement and Leadership at UL Lafayette

In this episode Skyra talks with Ruben Henderson, Assistant Director of Student Engagement and Leadership at UL Lafayette. For years Ruben has made it a priority in his life to volunteer with community organizations that he believes in. Because of his passion for giving and his dedication to his community I am not surprised at how his career has unfolded.

Ruben spends his days working with college students, helping them explore their individual skills and talents and allowing them to find their own voice as a leader. He doesn’t just work to get them engaged in University life, he understands that sometimes we all need a little push to find out what we are made of.

Learn more about other organizations Ruben mentions in this episode – Miles Perret Cancer Services, the705 and Leadership Institute of Acadiana.

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Skyra Rideaux hosts the Conversations with Leaders podcast which are talks with young professionals who have found ways to show true leadership in their community. It is my hope that their stories inspire you to take action.

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