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We offer a year long commitment, at various levels, which allows us to consistently plan for the long term sustainability of our community. Your support allows us to offer amazing opportunities to our local arts community and help develop the next generation of artists in Lafayette & Acadiana.


Making films is not cheap. Plain and simple. Countless agonizing hours, creativity, blood, exhaustive sessions of pre production and sometimes 4 AM crew calls is what it takes to just get the day started. Setting up for a single shot that may take 20 minutes to shoot requires nearly 2 hours of framing, lighting, blocking and performing before you can even get something as simple as a person walking down the street with the light hitting them just right.

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A¬†yearly membership is a vital component of helping bckstry do what we do. Every dollar goes towards making sure that we are providing aspiring film makers with the appropriate resources to develop their skills and further their career. Every dollar provides an aspiring filmmaker with a job training experience so they can go off and work in the Louisiana film industry. And every dollar secures a solid foundation for Acadiana’s film makers.

Your yearly membership is the direct life support for film makers in Acadiana. Because of you, we're able to develop our community, generate opportunities, and provide job training. -


With your support, we can provide on-set learning experiences through productions to prepare high school/college students and people in our community to work in the film industry.

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will help build Louisiana's workforce and provide individuals with the opportunity to follow their dreams.

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Your contributions will allow us to get the best mentors in the community and give us the resources to create new workshops, invite industry leaders to speak, and teaching material.

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will provide the necessary means to grow our mentor program, allowing youths to participate.

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Your dedication will allow us to offer a variety of productions for training and opportunities to elevate our local artists. We need you to make these dreams a reality.

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will provide for a solid foundation of growth, expansion and longevity to our community and industry.

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