Workshop: Story Outlining with Kody Chamberlain


Early Bird Price: $40

Sign up for this unique opportunity before 3/31/16 before it goes up to $60. This is a great learning experience for beginners and medium level writers.

About the Workshop:
On April 9, I’ll be doing a closed workshop for a small group of people where I’ll be showing my outlining system in detail. This is a system I’ve used for developing original comic books, keynote presentations, business proposals, advertising campaigns, speeches, scripts, college courses, etc. I’ll show you, step by step, exactly how I create my outlines and the thought process that goes into each step.

In short, this outlining process is the single most important tool in my workflow and I’ve successfully adapted it for just about every project I’ve ever done. If you have an idea you’d like to bring to life, this system will help you develop it.

I will also schedule an online video Q & A the day following the release of the workshop to expand and/or clarify any points of interest.

Why order in advance?
Early orders will help me gauge interest in doing more of this type of thing, to purchase a bit of gear required for the process, and to fuel the creation of the workshop itself. In exchange for your early support, you’ll lock in a discounted price for the video of that workshop to be uploaded in April. Please note, the video will also be available online at full price if you’d like to wait until the official launch.

IMPORTANT: We will not SPAM you, but we do need an accurate and active email address when you purchase this workshop because this is how we’ll send you the access code to view it. Your email will be your access.


About Kody Chamberlain:

I spend most of my time writing and drawing comic books for the best publishers in the business, but I also have extensive experience in graphic design, storyboarding, and conceptual art. Credits include BOOM! Studios, Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, HarperCollins, IDW Publishing, Image Comics, LucasArts, Marvel Comics, MTV, ReelFX, Sony Pictures, 343 Industries, Universal Pictures, and Warner Bros.

My original high-concept thriller titled THE FOUNDATION was optioned by FOX for feature film development, as was TAG, my collaboration with comic book legend Keith Giffen. My first fully creator-owned series SWEETS: A NEW ORLEANS CRIME STORY appears on many top ten lists and won a Spinetingler Award, an award typically reserved for prose crime fiction.

In addition to my work in the arts and entertainment, I also offer workshops, presentations, and consulting on the subject of creativity. Credits include CTN Animation Expo, HOW Design Live, Macworld, Modbook, major universities, and AdFed groups all around the country.

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